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Last Updated: 01/11/2015

Refund & Cancellation Conditions

The following are the refund and cancellation conditions for the products and services offered on

Rewards Subscriptions – Reward Subscriptions consist of (i) Identity Theft Protection, (ii) Roadside Assistance, (iii) Teladoc and Health Connection Discounts, (iv) Vision and Dental Discount Plans (Not Dental or Vision Insurance), (v) Health Discount Package (Not Health Insurance), (vi) Legal Assistance and (vii) Everything Plan. Members have the right to cancel any “Rewards Subscription” at any time and Rewards will cease collecting the next month’s monthly fee. There are no refunds or pro-rata reimbursement of the periodic charge (monthly) to the Member.

Charitable Contributions (Donations) – This consists of individuals or entities making a charitable contribution online to a specific charitable organization. There is no cancellation or refund for any charitable contribution completed online.

Online Products and Services – Members should read the terms and conditions set forth by the third party provider of the product or service purchased online for their return and cancellation policy.

Rewards Gold Membership – There is an annual fee of $30.00 for the Rewards Gold Membership. This membership offers Members discounts and cash rebates from participating merchants. There is no cancellation or refund available on the Rewards Gold Membership.

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